Tiny Guardian

A shoot 'em up made for the Ludum Dare 40.

How to play:

  • Score as many points as you can by shooting enemies. The more points you have, the harder the waves.
  • Shooting an enemy with its opposite element grants you double damage, more points and increment your score multiplier by 1.
  • You can dodge bullets but you can also absorb them by swapping to the same element. Absorbing a bullet heals you!
  • There are two powerups:
    • A bowl of rice: Slows you down while giving you a better spreadshot.
    • A dumbbell: Speeds you up while giving you less spreadshot.


W / Up arrow
Move Up
S / Down arrowMove Down
A / Left arrowMove Left
D / Right arrowMove Right
Space (hold)Shoot
1 / 2 / 3 / 4Swap between Fire & Water


  • Claire Le Guludec - Game Art
  • Florent Jamet - Game Design
  • Clément Duranti - Programming



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